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Personalized feedback videos on-demand.

Get expert eyes on anything you want to improve.

Over 100+ Categories


Get better at anything.

Critiq makes it easy to get world-class experts to analyze your skills and technique and offer specific advice and tips to improve.

Choose a Service and Add files

Find an expert and upload or record media of whatever you want feedback on. Send an image, video, or a PDF.

Expert Records Feedback

When the Expert reviews your media, their voice, video, and all interactions with the media are recorded.

Get back a Personalized Video

Experts have 5 days to record a short feedback video for you to download, share, and use to improve.

Meet your new mentors

Select from the best athletes, coaches, and trainers, from professional sports, award-winning actors, directors, musicians, photographers, and so much more.

You've never had access like this before.

Critiqs are your very own personalized feedback recordings performed by verified experts that include their voice and video as they walk through your image, video, or PDF. You’ll see everything they do with your media such as zooming, scrubbing, and pausing the video, changing pages, and using markup tools to make their point.

Experts do their Critiqs on their own time–on the bus ride back to the hotel, in a taxi, or anywhere they like. There is nothing to schedule and Critiqs are delivered in under 5 days.

Fuel your passion

Check out these examples of real Critiqs from some of our top experts.

Better pictures

Top wedding photographer Jerry Ghionis helps with posing and composition.

Dress the Part

Celebrity Stylist Eric Himel gives feedback to an influencer looking to get noticed.

Skateboard Tricks

Street Skateboard legend Sean Snow helps a young teen with this kick flip.

Jump Higher

Viral sensation and Dunk King Jordan Kilganon helping a female athlete accomplish her dream of dunking one day.

Ninja Technique

American Ninja Warrior Maggi Thorne offers tips to improve on the salmon ladder.

Shoot Better

NBA Trainer and Development Coach Tim Martin helps work through the little details to become a better shooter.

Swing Harder

Ariel Polanco breaks down a cage session and offers very specific drills that can help the athlete as an individual.

Serve Aces

Volleyball is all technique, and Andrii Diachkov is one of the best trainers in the world and refining your game.

1° degree of seperation between you and the pros.

Critiq's professional network includes award winning performers, artists, dancers, business minds, designers, musicians, as well as professional athletes, coaches and trainers from the NBA, NHL, PGA, NFL, CFL, NCAA, and the Olympics. And we are just getting started.

Feedback on your Photography. Jump Shot. Dance Moves. Pitch Deck. Baseball Swing. Modeling. Acting. Jumping. Football Moves. Soccer Kick. Resume. Brand. Interior Design. Running Technique. Hockey Shot.

A growing library of categories, topics, and experts to explore.

Acting & Film

Get help on your auditions or performance with award winning directors, actors, casting agents, voice and stunt actors.

Music & Vocals

Working on a song or vocals? Let an expert give you feedback that you can take back to the studio and refine.

Photography & Video

Get feedback on lighting, composition, editing, expression and more from top professionals.

Reach your goals and refine your technique

Changing Lives

See why they come back again and again.

“Critiq helped me land the job of my dreams. I used a resume service and my Expert guided me with some changes that would make me jump to the top of the pile. I now have a tight one page CV and new job.”

Ken L.Marketing Manager

“I learned a lot that I was able to use right away at my next practice. Coaches don't always have time for personalized feedback in team sports. Getting someone who trains NHL players too look at my shot is unbelievable.”

Adrian ARep Hockey/Basketball Player

“I got my video from Jordan Kilganon and realized my approach was all wrong and may have even led to injury in the future. I am not only jumping 3" inches higher with just a few adjustments to my technique, I feel safer as well.”

Sidney S.Elite Basketball HS Player

Frequently asked questions

What is Critiq and how does it work?

Critiq is the feedback platform that enables anyone to get personalized feedback and advice on anything visual or audio they need help with from the world’s top experts in over 100 categories.

Whether it be your golf swing, photography, jump-shot, running form, interior design, business pitch, and so much more, Critiq delivers a personalized experience with an expert that can break down your image or video with what is working well and what can be improved upon.

What is a feedback video?

Critiq is a video feedback recording by a verified expert that features voice and video from the expert while they interact with an image or video of what you are looking to improve. They may use annotation and illustration tools to make specific points about what they are looking at or hearing.

Experts offer services which describe the type of feedback they are offering, what information they will need from you, as well as any requirements they may have to help serve you best. The feedback videos are short recordings which aim to help solve a problem or provide feedback on a specific element of your craft. As such, experts may enforce restrictions on the length of your uploaded media to encourage only uploading the necessary information.

Once you have submitted a Critiq request, the expert will have up to 5 days to complete the request.

What types of content can I send to an expert?

Each category and expert can be different. Each expert provides a description and instructions for the type of content and media type they need to be able to help you. Pay attention to whether they are asking for an image, video, or PDF. If they ask for a video, make sure the video you upload is the correct length in seconds. They may also provide instructions on how to film; they may want to see your entire body for the video or image to be shot at a certain angle.

Do I need any special equipment or app to use Critiq?

Booking a Critiq is simple. You can book a Critiq request from any modern web browser, either on your phone,desktop or tablet. A user-focused app is coming later this year which will make browsing and following experts even easier.

You may need a camera to record the media you would like critiqued.

How long will the Critiq video I get back be?

The expert is not restricted by time, but most Critiqs are between 1 and 3 minutes. Experts are busy being… well, “experts,” and we appreciate the time they dedicate to Critiq. Each expert can restrict your upload by video length or several images so they can be very specific and focused with their time on your challenges.

What skill level do I need to be to send something to an Expert?

Any skill level! Experts can help all levels, from just getting started to going pro. In your request, it’s recommended to indicate your level of experience so the expert can tailor their advice to your level.

How do I find experts?

You can browse our marketplace by an expert, category, or search for specific problem keywords you have. You can search specific things like “putting”, “sprinting”, or “frying” and see a list of which experts can help. We are adding new experts all the time.

How much does Critiq cost?

Experts set their own prices for each of their services. Prices can vary from $5-$300. Experts may charge different prices for different services and change their prices according to their availability.

All prices are shown in $US dollars.

What happens if an Expert doesn't complete my video?

When you book a Critiq, your credit card is placed on hold for 5 days or until the Critiq is completed. If for some reason the Expert is unable to complete your request within 5 days, the hold on your credit card will be released, and you are free to try again later. Keep in mind that experts may be working on a film or trying to win an NBA championship, so while they have committed to making the best effort to complete a Critiq promptly, it’s not always possible.

What happens if I don't like my video?

Any type of advice or feedback based on personal experience and education can be subjective. Read the expert’s biography, check out their links and accolades, watch their pitch video, and view samples, if any, that are listed on their profile to ensure you know what you are getting. If you are completely unsatisfied, let us know how we can make it right. Contact us at